Adieu Andrew

/ Sunday, August 10, 2008

A bittersweet good-bye.  My partner in crime and UPS gooroo Mr. Andrew finished his last day at the mysterious food magazine. In hopes of baking his sugared favorites for his departure, I tried picking his brain the week prior for some preliminary recon. His responses...
Favorite Dessert: I only like the cornbread my mom makes. 
Favorite Cookie: I don't have one
Favorite Cake: I don't eat cake. Oh, does carrot cake count? 
Carrot Cake it is! I tried out the huge cupcake pan my roomie gifted me for my birthday. It's such a cute idea, though not as functional as I would have liked. The top of the cupcake cooks in a flash. The outside of the base browns while the inside is left completely raw. My solution was to scoop the unfinished interior out of the pan and put it onto a baking sheet to finish cooking. Once everything was cooled, I combined the misplaced inerts with cream cheese frosting and refilled the cupcake base with the mixture. It turned out well actually. Everyone wants a little extra frosting right? 

Oh yeah, I got bored right before I went to work so I made a s'more round candy bar. Messy, messy, messy. 

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