4 Easy Sensory Play Ideas For New Babies!

/ Monday, February 18, 2019

As a new mom, I'm always looking for fun activities to do at home with Charlotte. In this video, I'm sharing 4 easy sensory play ideas that anyone can do at home, perfect for small-space parenting and building strong bonds between parent-and-baby!

Here's a quick write-up and the time-codes for each idea so you can quickly find what you're looking for!

1. Slime In A Bag (01:00) Mix 1/2 cup cornstarch + 2 tablespoon sugar in a small pot; whisk in 2 cups cold water. Heat, stirring, over medium low heat until bubbling, about 10 minutes. Let cool, then transfer to a plastic bag and let the baby play with the slime!

2. Sticky Ball (01:54) This one's easy! Wrap tape, sticky-side out, around any ball you have around the house. Hand it to baby and watch as they explore how the sticky texture feels on their little hands.

3. Small-Space Water Table (2:15) If you don't have space for a big water table (or if you don't have a backyard like us) turn a highchair into a little aquatic play center! Put down lots of towels (lol) and pour water onto the tray of your baby's highchair. Add toys and other things that float. Let them splash and make a mess!

4. Tupperware Tug Toy (2:58) Poke holes in the lid of a tupperware container. Thread various things from around the house through the holes, think shoe laces, yarn, rope, ribbon, etc. Knot on both ends and let baby pull and tug on the different textures!

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