DIY Modern Party Hat Christmas Trees

/ Saturday, December 16, 2017

'Tis the busy season! I love making DIY decorations for the holidays but they have to be quick and easy. These homemade Christmas trees couldn't be simpler to make. Three items. Two minutes. Here's how it's done...

Today in partnership with IZZE I'm super excited to share my couldn't-be-easier tutorial for these DIY party hat trees with you. They have such a fun, midcentury modern look and they're seriously ready in minutes.

I found a few bags of metallic party hats in Target the other day. I snagged as many green ones as I could find! But you could do this with any type of party hat. It might even be fun to mix-and-match patterns and colors.

All you do, stuff 1 hat with some tissue paper (with all the gift wrapping, I have a lot of extra tissue hanging around these days), stack on top of another party hat and add a pompom topper if you'd like!

I love the idea of putting these out for a festive tablescape for a cookie swap, cocoa party or even for Christmas dinner. I added some pink napkins and a few bottles of IZZE Sparkling Cherry Lime Juice since the bottles are red and green—so perfect for the holidays!

Do you stick to a particular style when you're decorating? Are you more traditional? Rustic? Modern? I seem to go back and forth, a little traditional with a little mod thrown in. That's why I think these will be a perfect addition! They seem a little retro don't they?

Another benefit of these's DIY trees, it's totally up to you whether you want to save them for next year or recycle them with your other paper goods. I know in our little Brooklyn condo, storage space is hard to come by. So having something I could make easily each year without having to store 'em is a mega bonus for us.

If you're making something for the holidays: homemade gifts, DIY decorations, cookies, anything! I'd love to know. Let me know in the comments what you're whipping up. I'd love to chat about it xo


6 party hats
3 pieces tissue paper
3 pompoms (optional)
Hot glue (optional)

1. Stuff three party hats with tissue paper and top each with a pompom using hot glue; let dry.

2. Stack the stuffed hats on top of the 3 remaining hats to make trees. 

3. Arrange on your table however you'd like! These would be great over a mantel or in the window, as well. 

Disclosure: IZZE sent me these products to try, which was so nice! As usual, all content and opinions are that of my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support Hey, EEP!

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