3-Ingredient Fireball Ice Cream Floats!

/ Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When you're craving apple pie but have no desire to turn on the oven, this easy float recipe will serve you well! Three ingredients is all it takes to recreate your favorite fall flavors via this boozy dessert. Need a last-minute Thanksgiving idea? Hey, it works for that too...

Last talk supplies! You'll need: Vanilla ice cream, some apple cider and a bottle of Fireball. I'll be straight with you, I'm a cinnamon-whiskey newbie.

My first fiery mouthful was on a school bus with a priest heading to my cousin's wedding last summer. Since then, Jack Daniel's and Jagermeister have come out with their own cinnamon-spiked varietals. Have you tried? Do you have a favorite? 
To make this recipe kid-friendly, use all apple cider and add a dash of cinnamon extract or stir in some Red Hots candies.

You know me, my favorite "recipes" don't really call for measurements and this brilliant creation is no exception! Watch this quickie tutorial video to see how I made mine or follow the outline, below.

MAKES: 1 to 12

Vanilla ice cream
1 bottle Fireball or cinnamon-flavored whiskey
1 gallon apple cider

1. Scoop ice cream into a cold, tall glass. 

2. Fill with Fireball, one-quarter to halfway full (you crazy kid)! Top with apple cider.

Tip: Use disposable tumblers or shot glasses to make and serve these floats to a crowd! 

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