How To Make a Ranunculus Boutonniere!

/ Monday, June 29, 2015

Brides-to-be, crafty prom dates and old-timey party-goes take note: Making your own boutonniere is easier than it looks! It's as simple as wrapping tape around some stems. You got this! Plus my simple design scores serious style points without breaking the bank. Here's how you do it...

First, collect your supplies: You'll need white ranunculus, rosemary, floral tape, scissors and white ribbon. I shared my ranunculus-rosemary combo on Instagram with you gals: Ranunculus because they're awesome, rosemary because it's a Greek good-luck charm. Romantic in an unexpected way. That's us! Which is why you'll see these buds at our wedding.

Figure each boutonniere will take you about five minutes to make. Make that 10 if you are truly DIY-challenged...but then why not just pass this off to an awesome creative friends or (gasp!) a florist, right? My point is, give yourself the right amount of time to get these done. Zen out and wrap these up while you're getting your hair did bridies! Focus on the flowers. Clear some brain space for your big day.

If you're interested, this quickie DIY here is the first video of my new series Called Hey, EEP Weddings! You can watch it on YouTube or Facebook. Look out for a new video every Monday! I'll be posting DIYs, recipe, ideas and inspiration. Want to see something specific? Make a suggestion in the comments below or shoot me a message on Facebook. Here's episode one...


2 small white ranunculus 
1 spring rosemary
Floral tape
Thin white ribbon

1. Trim ranunculus 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the flowers. Trim rosemary to the same size and strip off the bottom leaves.

2. Hold the flowers and rosemary together in your hand like a bouquet. Starting at the top, tightly wrap stems together using the floral tape. Trim and press in the tape at the end. Tie a small bow around the boutonniere using the white ribbon. 

Learn how to pin on a boutonniere from this easy how-to video by Snippet & Ink!

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