3-Ingredient Saucy Southern Iced Tea!

/ Friday, May 15, 2015

Real talk: I hate serving cocktails you have to measure during the summer. I want a drink I can eyeball, stir up in one pitcher and easily refresh without having to leave my lounge chair. That's why this 3-Ingredient Saucy Southern Iced Tea is my new go-to for summer sipping and it should be yours, too...

All you need for this no-brainer recipe: Iced tea, bourbon or rye, frozen peaches (NOT thawed). I don't care if you make the iced tea from scratch or not. You do you. Keep those peaches frozen because they're nature's yummy ice cubes and they're not going to dilute your drink like human ice—that's called science.

Let me set the scene: You're by the pool with your girlfriends, three Saucy Southern Iced Teas in. Someone cute texts you and says, "Hey, we're coming over! What should I bring?" 

Because this recipe is sooo easy you just replay, "Bottle of bourbon and your cute buns." Poof! You sound super hot AND you'll be able to keep whipping up more and more SS Iced Teas—buzzed, sun burnt, doesn't matter. No measuring = no problem!

MAKES: 6 drinks (or as many as you’d like)

1 bottle or 6-ish cups iced tea (regular or peach-flavored)
Bourbon or rye
1 to 2 bags frozen peach slices

1. Put the iced tea and bourbon to taste in a large pitcher (my version usually ends up with around 1/3 to 1/2 cup or many glugs of booze).

2. Add the frozen peach slices and stir until cool
3. Divide among glasses; top with ice if desired.

I'm so curious, what's your lazy-summer drink recipe? xo Erin  

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