DIY or Buy It? Modern Ring Cone For The Stylish Minimalist Bride!

/ Sunday, January 18, 2015

I was so incredibly excited to share our big news with you last week. One of the first things I did was start hunting for a modern ring dish. I need a safe place to store the sparkles when I'm in the kitchen asap, duh! Gonna be honest, though, I found nothing.

The ring-storage piece I really loved was this amazing ceramic ring cone by Bailey Doesn't Bark here in Brooklyn. It's totally perfect for a soon-to-be modern, minimalist bride like me. Problem was, it was completely sold out. Fact: Re Jin Lee's handmade pieces are so ridiculous beautiful, they're in high demand! 

Instead of settling for a subpar dish, I just decided to make a ring cone of my own. I admit it's not as gorgeous as something from Bailey Doesn't Bark but it gets the job done. Want to make one, too? Here's a quick video explaining how it's done. My secret: Air-dry clay from Crayol—you can get a tub on Amazon for about $5 (what, what)! Three steps, one afternoon and you're set! 


Air-dry clay
White paint
Disposable cup
Gloss varnish
Paint brush

1. Mold and roll air-dry clay into a cone shape; let dry as the label directs. 
2. Thin out some white paint with water in a disposable cup. Dip and twirl rind cone in the paint; let dry.
3. Top the ring cone with a final layer of gloss varnish using a paint brush; let dry.

I'm dying to know, where do you store you engagement ring and/or wedding ring? Do you have different spots around the house? xo Erin


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