The 3-Step Guide To Whitewashing Boring Wood. Every Gal Should Know How—SO Easy!

/ Thursday, August 14, 2014

We needed a large whitewashed serving board for a photo shoot at work. For weeks I searched stores, prop houses and the web without any luck. Then I thought, "Duh, girl! Why don't you just make one yourself!?"

You know I'm crafty but I often draw the line at wood. It's a mental block, plus I can't really use power tools in our teeny Brooklyn apartment. That's why this DIY didn't occur to me sooner. But now I feel like a wood whiz! 

Now you may be thinking, why on earth do I need a whitewashed board? Well first of all, it looks frickin' awesome! If you're a fellow blogger, whitewashed boards make gorgeous photo backgrounds. If you're a laid-back hostess, use this for a modern buffet setup, cocktail tray or dessert bar. But there's no need to stop there, this basic technique can be used to whitewash any wood object: Your hand-me-down dresser, kitchen table, ugly chair, photo frame...get creative!

What you'll need: 
  • Something made of wood
  • Sand paper
  • White latex paint 
  • Paint brush

Okay, ready: Put your wood thing on newspaper or a drop cloth to keep your workspace clean. Sand that sucker! Go with the grain so the paint settles in nicely. Next, stir together equal parts white latex paint and water in a disposable bowl. I used about 1/4 cup each. Diluting the paint is what gives you that sexy, sun-bleached translucent look!

Cover your wood board or object with a thin layer of paint—make sure you get the edges! Don't worry if it doesn't look pale enough for you yet, you can go back with a second coat. 

Let the paint dry a bit, then go back with another coat, if desired. Too heavy handed? Gently wipe off some paint using a clean, damp sponge. That's it! Let her dry and pat yourself on the back.

Are you ready to go totally whitewash-crazy now!? I hope so. I'm curious, do you think you could pull off this simple DIY now that you know how easy it is? I'd love to know!

 If you DO get your paint on, tag your before and after photos on Instagram using the hashtag #FFwhitewash—I'll post 'em on the blog xo -Erin

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