How To Make a DIY Fresh Flower Crown - Simple, Chic & Sturdy!

/ Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fresh flower crowns are everywhere this year! And thank goodness for that because is there anything prettier in the whole world!? I've dabbled in Crepe Paper Flower Crown DIY before but when I finally took notice of the manic rate I was pinning freshies to this frilly board, I knew it was time to try making one for myself.The perfect opportunity surfaced this weekend: An invitation to a fabulous Kentucky Derby party at Eleven Madison Park. I've never liked wearing floppy hats—they make me uncomfortable and get in the way of my snacking/drinking/chitchatting. This flower crown felt like such a better idea! Here's how I did it...
DIY FRESH FLOWER CROWN1. Make a solid base: Bend and duct tape together 2 to 4 lengths floral stem wire to make your crown base. 2. Trim assorted flowers, keeping 1 to 2 inches of stem. 3. Lay stems along the length of the crown base and wrap thin floral wire around the stem/base to secure; cover with floral tape if desired. Repeat, one stem or small bunch at at time, until crown is completely covered. 

My crown made it through a raucous fete with no issues (and lots of compliments)! Still, I'm no flower expert. Any real floral-pros out there? If so, please chime in!! Did I do this right? A few tricks this novice picked up along the way...1. Keep your flowers in water and in a cool place (like a basement) for as long as possible! It took me about 45 minutes to make this crown, so plan accordingly. Fresh flowers will only stay perky for so long.2. Get yourself some hypericum berries: They're a mod-looking, inexpensive filler that comes in a bunch of colors. I used green and pink (below). 3. Avoid flowers with super delicate stems: I decapitated about $7-worth of ranunculus. The floral wire tore right through their watery stems.4. Try it on as you go: It'll help you mold the crown to your head and gorgeous floral vision!5. Sniff before you buy: Turns out some flowers are super stinky, and not in a good way! Give your picks a quick smell before pulling the trigger. 
Anyway! That's how I made this blooming "hat." Have you ever made a fresh flower crown of your own? I'd love to see photos! Pop over to the Food & Femininity Facebook page and post 'em—or share on Instagram using #ffdiyflowercrown xox -Erin  

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