Easy Olympic Snack: White Russian Hot Cocoa in Olympic Ring Mugs!

/ Monday, February 10, 2014

You may have spotted a few photos from Sochi on my Instragram feed this weekend—my dad's in Russia filming the events for NBC (and I've been begging him for snaps). Every year I think I'll host a viewing party and every year I decide not to. There just aren't enough cute Olympic snacks! That's why I whipped up this Olympic Ring Hot Chocolate for the Good Housekeeping blog. All I did: Rimmed disposable cups with sanding sugar and filled with my White Russian Hot Chocolate (cocoa mix, vodka, Kahlua). Head over to the Good Housekeeping website for the recipe, easy DIY cup instructions below...


5 cups or mugs (regular or disposable)
Honey, for brushing
Blue sanding sugar
Yellow sanding sugar
Black sanding sugar
Green sanding sugar
Red sanding sugar

1. Brush the rim of the cups with a thin layer of honey.
2. Put each color of sanding sugar on a separate paper plate or in a small bowl. Press the rim of each mug into a different color (the sugar will stick to the honey); gently shake off any excess.

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