Summery Sweets: Easiest Striped Ice Cream Cake Ever—4 Ingredients!

/ Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Monday, all! Before you get all serious and Monday-y, let's talk about ice cream for a minute okay? Personally, I plan on eating/serving it as much as I can while summer is still here. I know ice cream is a year-round treat but I rarely go for it unless the weather's warm—what about you? 
Anyway! This weekend Refinery29 posted my story, "Bombes Away! 3 Easy-Peasy Ice Cream Desserts" and I am obsessed with this project. I developed 3 ice cream bombes (read: molded ice cream cakes—so retro and fun!) and I really think there's something for everyone: a drippy Mocha Bombe for the chocolate lover, Miniature Strawberry Shortcake Baked Alaska for the kitschy kitten and, my favorite, this Striped Sherbet Bombe. I'll give you the recipe for this super-simple beauty, head over to Refinery29 for the other ice cream bombe recipes xo Erin


Serves: 10-12

3 cups lemon sherbet, softened

3 cups orange sherbet, softened 

3 cups raspberry sherbet, softened

1 cup fresh raspberries

1. Pack the lemon sherbet into a 6 to 10-cup pan* using an offset spatula; smooth the top in an even layer. Transfer pan to the freezer; freeze 30 minutes or until sherbet is firm. Place orange sherbet on top and freeze at least another 30 minutes and then again for raspberry layer. Freeze for an addition 2 hours or until very hard. 

2. Spread raspberries on a rimmed baking sheet and freeze 30 minutes or until icy. 

3. To un-mold sherbet, dip the pan up to the rim in warm water and invert onto a 
flat plate or cake stand (tap the top to release, if needed). Garnish with the frozen raspberries. 

Note: I used an 8-inch brioche pan to give this colorblocked bombe its fabulous fluted appearance. Don’t have a brioche pan? A Bundt pan will work just as well (or a deep bowl, if you’re really in a pinch). Remember: A 6-cup Bundt pan will make a tall bombe; a 10-cup Bundt pan will make one that’s wider and shorter.

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