Super-Easy July 4th Cake Toppers by Sarah Goldschadt of Craft-A-Day!

/ Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It seems like everyone's searching for fabulous last-minute July 4th recipes and DIYs right now! I'm right there with you: I've been digging through Pinterest for minimal-effort, maximum-reward (patriotic) projects, too. That's why I was so excited to see that my brilliant friend and author of the book Craft-a-Day, Sarah Goldschadt, posted these super-easy July 4th cake toppers this morning. Her crafts are always spot-on, no matter what your skill level! These toppers only require a little cutting, paper and toothpicks (well, and cake, but I know you can figure that out).Head over to Sarah's site for more information on this easy DIY. You can also check out the Craft-a-Day Summer Edition on your iPad or the full book, here! xo Erin

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