Hit The Bottle, Ladies: Host a Rosé Wine Tasting with Treats and Friends!

/ Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday, lovely friends! We made it through the week—amen, right? Not sure what your plans are this weekend but if you're in the mood to play the casual-chic hostess, why not host a last-minute rosé tasting party? It's super easy (and deliciously educational, too)!
You can find details about this easy rosé get-together over on Refinery29's site—it's one of the 6 summer party theme ideas I shared with them last week! On the simple menu: Homemade Parmesan Cheese Crisps, Mini Grilled Cheeses and Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus, all of which pair perfectly with crisp summer rosé wines.    But wait! Before you go check out the recipes, I'd love to share my favorite wine tasting party supplies with you. They're the little-something-extras that will really turn your impromptu fête into a night to remember xo Erin 
1. BOOK (WINE) CLUB BAG: I've been hankering for this cheeky tote from British company, Howkapow, since it popped up on Pinterest last year. It's the ideal vessel for transporting your wine, cheese, etc. if you're taking your rosé tasting party on the go (like to the park, which I love to do)...shh!
Book (Wine) Club Bag; $23 from Howkapow (converted from British pounds)

2. SLATE CHEESE BOARD: Even if I didn't live in Brooklyn I'd be a big fan of Brooklyn Slate Co. Their fabulous boards and coasters are simple, affordable and hold up great to stinky cheeses and long walks (like to the park! Again, shh!) Choose between black or red slate, both of which come right from Upstate New York. Boyfriend and I are proud owners of 2 lovely boards.
Slate Cheese Board; starting at $25 for 6-by-10-inch plate from Brooklyn Slate Co.

3. SHATTERPROOF GOVINO WINE GLASSES: Don't risk losing your precious stemware to a careless party-foul! Govino Wine Glasses look just like regular stemless coupes but they're made from a shatterproof, BPA-free plastic that's reusable and recyclable.  
Govino Wine Glasses; $13 for 4 from GoVino

4. PROSA FRIZZANTE ROSÉ ‘11: Can we agree that the only thing better than rosé is sparkly rosé? This organic bottle, via Burgenland Austria, is made from Pino Noir grapes. It's floral, vibrant and perfectly frizzante.
Prosa Frizzante Rosé; $14 for 750 (ML) from Astor Wines

5. PABLO CLARO GARNACHA ROSÉ ’12: This Spanish rosé is super affordable but totally drinkable. Don't tell guests how much it costs until they taste it—they'll thank you when they buy a case of this dry, fruity Grenache post party!
Pablo Claro Garnacha Rosé ’12; $7 for 750 (ML) from Astor Wines

6. CROTEAUX MERLOT ROSE ’12: Eeks, I'm afraid to share this wine with you because I don't want it to sell out! But here it goes: This Long Island rosé is just heavenly (which, as a fourth-generation Long Islander, I'm proud to say). My mom introduce me to the medium-bodied, bistro-style rosé this year and I've been obsessed ever since. Then again, anything from the darling Croteaux vineyard is spot-on, so check out their website. Boyfriend and I are planning a trip to the vineyard next week, actually! I'll let you know how it goes.

7. FORMATICUM CHEESE PAPER: Plastic wrap is a good cheese's kryptonite! I unwrap any plastic-covered cheeses when I get home from the store and cuddle 'em up in cheese paper instead. Plus, it's super cute. Just don't forget to write which cheese is which on the labels. 

8. GOLD WINE BOTTLE OPENER: Some people love fancy wine bottle openers, like The Rabbit, but I think an old-fashioned wine key is best. That's not to say you can't pick up a snazzy one, though. This gold wine bottle opener is all function with just a little bit of sparkle. 
Gold Wine Bottle Opener; $30 from Uncommon Goods

9. HUMBOLDT FOG MINI CHEESE: Whenever our local Whole Foods has Humboldt Fog from Californian cheese maker, Cypress Grove, I buy it. This creamy goat milk cheese is tangy and fresh with a thin layer of edible vegetable ash throughout. Don't bother putting it on a cracker—just eat it as is.
Cypress Grove Chevre Humboldt Fog; available locations

10. LUGGAGE SMALL SOFT COVER NOTEBOOK: A wine journal is the best way to keep track of what you've tasted and loved! I was inspired by my best friend's husband, who has a whole collection of them peppered with labels and anecdotes from our nights together. Super mod Poppin has these adorable soft-cover notebook for only $5! Buy one for yourself or order a couple so everyone at the party can have their own #partyfavors! 

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