Eating In Brooklyn: Chicken Kiev, Pimm's Cups & Eton Mess at The Elm!

/ Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi loves! We usually don't talk about dining out. Is that something you'd be interested in? I've avoided it up until now because, well, not everyone lives in New York (duh) and it didn't seem useful. But since lots of folks come to NYC for work and/or play—and end up asking me for recommendations anyway—I figured it's worth sharing a bit more about where I eat. What do you think?I tried a new restaurant in Brooklyn over the weekend, which is what got me thinking about this. It's called The Elm, by chef Paul Leibrandt, at the King & Grove Hotel in Williamsburg. Here are a few photos from the meal, if you're interested...  Clockwise above: Kanpachi "Jamon" with Watermelon, Heirloom Tomato and Vadouvan (boyfriend's favorite French-y curry powder); cheese course with pistachio tuiles and apricot gelee; Gnudi with Scallop "Tom Yum," spring onion and lemon balm; my PL Pimm's Cup cocktail.  
Lobster with ravioli, sweet corn, vanilla and aged gouda—loved this special! Short Rib with Thumbelina Carrot, Argan Oil and PL sauce (read: Paul Leibrandt sauce).

Chicken "Kiev Style" for two: The chicken, separated into a perfectly rolled breast, deboned fried wing and chicken thigh croquette, came in a Dutch oven so you could serve yourself (I really wanted to make you gals a GIF of the butter squirting out of the roulade!). Also in the mix, a big ol' bowl of pomme aligot (think mashed potato fondue) topped with fried chicken skin and a plate of accouterments. 

Et comme dessert: Roasted Peaches and this gorgeous take on an Eton Mess, typically a simple English dessert of layered meringue, strawberries and cream. Pastry chef, Jeff Sytsma's, portrayal resembled a deconstructed macaron with candied rose petals and other delicious elements that have slipped my mind. Buttermilk was involved. Damn it, it was tasty! I didn't share...So disregarding the Eton Mess, The Elm's menu is ideal for sharing...go with friends! Just be prepared to splurge a little. The dining room feels design-y and casual but the hyper-refined food doesn't exactly come at a budget-friendly price. If you're celebrating a special occasion, though, it's worth checking out (private dining room available, if needed). The Elm is also making all of the food and drink for the pool, which is interesting. Hint: Anyone can purchase a day pass to the pool. When it's this hot in NYC,  $35 to $45 to cool off in a swanky pool doesn't sound half bad! The Elm at King & Grove; 160 N. 12th St, Brooklyn NY 11249.  718-218-1088

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  1. Totally! Do the eating out thing every once in a while! Bloggers are my first resource when I travel. No way am I trusting a tourist association.


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