Your New Go-To Brownie Recipe: Outrageous Mocha Fudgey Brownies!

/ Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good morning, lovely friends! I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I'll be honest: There are about a million things I have to wrap up before we leave for Italy on Thursday (!!!) and I'm feeling a bit scattered. I really wish I had a new recipe to share with you today but I have something EVEN BETTER—promise!

My friend Emily, Food Editor of BuzzFeed Food, asked me to share my favorite go-to recipe with the Buzz-readers (so cool!) and obviously I picked Ina Garten's Outrageous Brownies. As I told Emily, I grew up going to the Barefoot Contessa store in East Hampton and these brownies were a popular order for me. Ina published the recipe in her first cookbook, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, so my family and I started baking them from scratch after the store closed. 

I've adapted the recipe about a dozen different ways over the years. You can find the full-recipe on BuzzFeed Food. More often than not, I omit the walnuts (and I rarely wait the full 35 minutes for them to bake)! Oh—I've also turn 'em into these super-tasty gooey toffee brownies that my godmother taught me how to make. Urg, now I want brownies...
I'm curious, though: How do you like your brownies? Plain? Frosted? With or without nuts? I'd love to know! xo Erin

[Brownie photos by Ashley Rodriguez for BuzzFeed Food]

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  1. YUM. These look incredible. I love my brownies with a little frosting, but usually I am too lazy and just dig in. :)


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