How-To Marble Cupcakes: The Easiest DIY Marbled Frosting Ever!

/ Friday, April 12, 2013

Hey there! Happy Friday. I'd love to share a quick how-to with you, if you're interested. I've been obsessing over all things marbled—like this DIY marbled table, homemade marbled clipboard, these marbled gift tags, etc—so I wanted to figure out a super-simple way to marble cakes at home. The trick: Store-bought frosting. 

Wait! Before you turn up your nose, hear me out: There are certain things incredibly processed store-bought icing can do that the homemade stuff cannot, like melt, for instance. By melting store-bougth frosting, you get a dye-able liquid that hardens into frosting again once cool. Here's how you to it...
DIY MARBLED FROSTING1. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt 1 tub store-bought vanilla frosting in the microwave on high, 30 seconds or until melted (separate into 2 bowls if you'd like multiple marbling colors). Add a few drops of 2 complimentary colors of food coloring.2. Swirl the food coloring together slightly using a toothpick or knife. Don't over do it or you'll lose the marbling effect! If you do, swirl in more dye (you'll just have a colored-base).3. One at a time, dip cupcake tops into the frosting (swirling slightly). Transfer to wire racks and set aside 15 minutes or until set. Reheat and/or swirl more food coloring into the frosting, as needed.

What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself doing at home? I'd love to try it in a larger format, like swirling the frosting on a large shallow plate and dipping the top of a whole angel food cake! xo Erin

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