Easiest Peep Centerpiece For Easter: DIY Miniature Tulip Vases!

/ Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hi there, lovely friends! So sorry I missed you yesterday. I was working on a big ol' Peep story for the Good Housekeeping blog on Friday. I decided to try my hand at a super-sweet Peep vase. It's a quick project I've seen on fab blogs like A Little Loveliness and Tip Junkie.
These ladies have mastered the party-perfect Peep centerpiece—take a look at their instructions— but if you don't have time to dig out a large vase or purchase monochromatic jelly beans, you can still make something beautiful. Take a peek at what I did (above) using two drinking glasses and one row of Peeps! Pretty cool, huh? I'll post a link to my full Peep blowout on the GHRI blog once it's up. In the meantime, here's how you make this easy Easter centerpiece...


MAKES: 1 centerpiece

1 stemmed wine, water or parfait glass
1 small cup (I used a disposable plastic cup)
4 to 5 bunny-shaped Peeps
1 small bunch flowers

1. Arrange and press the Peeps all around the edge of the larger glass; insert the smaller cup in the center of the glass so it's hidden behind the peeps (this will hold them in place).
2. Fill the small cup halfway with water. Trim and arrange flowers in the water-filled cup.

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