New Year's Resolutions

/ Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's something fun to do for yourself this year: Head over to Sarah Goldschadt's blog and print off her free template for "100 Resolutions for 2013." It's amazing how productive you feel when you set and accomplish a bunch of manageable mini-goals (and as Sarah says, it's super satisfying to cross things off lists)! Here's what I have on mine so far: 

1. Eat more vegetables. 
2. Try to practice patience every day. 
3. Learn basic Italian. 
4. Listen more, talk less. 
5. Make more time for family.
6. Make more time for friends. 
7. Wake up earlier. 
8. Budget! Save money.
9. Update professional website.
10. Organize photo-taking space in apartment. 
11. Read at least 5 new books.
12. Volunteer.
13. Go to dance class more frequently. 
14. Create a personal ritual for snapping out of grumpy mood (and use it).
15. Make blog bigger, better and more beautiful.
16. Learn how to use Photoshop and InDesign. 
17. Learn XML.
18. Sew new baskets for bedroom shelf.
19. Start working towards my first book.
20. Eat less meat.
21. Floss every night.
22. Listen to voicemails (I never ever listen to them, I just call the person back—they stress me out!)
23. Write 1 short piece of theatrical writing to keep those juices flowing!
24. Send emails/letters to family and friends, just to say you're thinking about them.
25. Put photos in frames and finally hang up at home.
26. Find new favorite pair of jeans.
27. Run a half-marathon. 
28. Teach someone something.
29. Get to know my readers better (any ideas?)
30. Let people know how grateful you are for their love-support-help-kidness-wisdom-presence-etc more often.
31. Be more proactive about chore-doing. 
32. Think thrice before snipping at someone (I get short when I'm frustrated and it's embarrassing—must change)!
33. Develop 5 to 6 new recipes and/or crafts every month for the blog.
34. Travel.
35. Pamper and protect your skin.
36. Channel positive energy.

[Photograph and resolution template by Sarah Goldschadt]

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