Lemon Dessert Recipes: Must Try in 2013!

/ Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Even though I know it's not true, lemon desserts have always felt "healthier" to me than other sweets. Like, the citrus dissolves calories and fat from the recipe or something like that. So you know what I mean? Silly girl...

What is true, however, is that citrus desserts are the sunny, sweet-n-sour treats that get me through a long, fruit-less winter when something nutty or chocolatey just won't do. Here are the lemon dessert recipes I'm dying to try this year. What do you think? I have a bunch of lime, orange and grapefruit recipes on mind, too, if you're interested! 

1. Lighter lemon meringue pie by Martha Stewart / 2. Lemon panna cotta with lemon marmalade from Bon Appetit / 3. Lemon layer cake via Life Is Great / 4. Meyer lemon tarts by Gourmet Baking / 5. Lemon-Thyme Soda from GQ via ABC Kitchen

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