How To Make: A DIY Fox Bobby Pin Holder!

/ Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bobby pins have a knack for disappearing. You start with a sleeve of 50 and within a month, they've snuck deep into jacket pockets and couch cushions never to be seen again. If only they had their own "spot."
Welp, I had an idea: Make a DIY fox bobby pin holder out of felt! A little felt fox is way cuter than a magnet or Tic-Tac box and the pins look like whiskers. It's tiny enough to throw in a clutch before a date (and who wouldn't want to show off their rockin' craft skills to a potential suitor/good friend/boss/favorite barista/etc?) Here's how to make my DIY fox bobby pin holder....


- White felt (self-adhesive)
- Orange felt (self-adhesive)
- Navy felt (self-adhesive)
- Scissors
- Pairing knife
- Black fabric pen
- White thread and needle, if desired

1. Cut out 1 fox head from orange felt (Note: I used self-adhesive because it felt sturdier to me.) 
2. Cut out 1 fox head (minus the ears) from white felt. 
3. Draw a fox nose onto the orange piece of felt using a pencil. Cut away the excess felt, so you're left with just the ears and the fox nose.
3. Line up the orange ears-nose on top of the white face base. Cut away the adhesive backing from just the parts of the orange felt that touch the white base. Press them together firmly until they stick. 
4. Cut out 1 small circle from navy felt for the nose. Peel off the adhesive backing and press onto the tip of the fox nose. 
5. Using a pairing knife, make 2 small slits in the fox cheeks so you thread on the bobby pins.
6. Draw 2 eyes using a fabric pen.
7. If desired, secure the felt by stitching together in a few places using needle and thread.


  1. Erin, this is the cutest thing ever!!! I love it!

  2. Thank you very much Linnea! I'm so glad you like it :)



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