Cookie Decorating Tip: Decorate Christmas Cookies Anywhere!

/ Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have you guys seen the December issue of Food Network Magazine? Besides it being totally gorgeous obviously, I learned a super helpful trick while creating the cookie gift tag on page 26 (below). It was summer and my schedule was jam-packed, so finding time to sit down and decorate Christmas cookies was difficult. My solution: Pack up plain cookies and royal icing in un-snipped pastry bags to take on the go. When I found time to decorate (during the downtime on a photo shoot), I just snipped the tips of the bags and piped on the embellishments. This would be a great way to bring decorating supplies to a cookie swap, right?! Or maybe to a school holiday party? Ooh! Or it could just be a fun, edible craft to pack for littles this time of year. What do you think? Are you stressing about cookie decorating, too?

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