DIY Food TV Halloween Costume Ideas: Giada De Laurentiis

/ Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Remember when I showed you how to dress up as your favorite star chefs for Halloween? There was an Ina Garten Halloween costume (my fave), a Nigella Lawson costume, a whole gaggle of gals—and I think it's time for a few more additions! So here's the plan:

For the next 3 weeks I will be posting some serious Halloween costume inspiration and not just food TV bombshells: Super-talented lady chefs, food writers, bloggers, bakers—it's going to be a blast! These costumes are easy to throw together, plus it's the perfect excuse to carry around snacks all night :) 

- gold teardrop earings
- siren red lipstick
- white bandage dress
- red patent leather pumps
- canned tomatoes (preferably DOP)

For Giada, stick with an iconic look like this outfit from her saucy feature in Esquire magazine. Remember: many people admire her well, melons, so may I subtly suggest a little pushup enhancement, if needed. Also, it wouldn't hurt to really pronounce those Italian food items (think: mars-ca-pone-ee) like Giada does!

[Photos of Giada by Gavin Bond for from Esquire, taken from]

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