Reader Appreciation Day (no. 6)

/ Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Reader Appreciation Day! Each week the person(s) who leave the most comments on the blog will get a special shout-out. I love reading your notes. Keep 'em coming!

I'm pleased to announce that my super fabulous friend, Robyn Davies, gave F&F the most comment-love this week: First she renamed my Salty Dog Cocktail (trimmed with a naughty swizzle stick), the "Ginhound." Nicely done. Then on today's "What's Your Birthday Cake Personality" post, Robyn announced that she's searching for a lemon poppy seed cake recipe that's cake and pudding mix–free and, obviously, crazy delicious. And so, per her suggestion, you will find a homemade lemon poppy seed cake recipe PLUS a blind taste test here on the blog next week. Thank you, Robyn! And thank you all for reading :) 

Meanwhile, here's a little lemon poppy seed cake porn courtesy of Always With Butter (LOVE!) to tie you over until next week. Keep on commenting my lovely friends! 

[Erin McKenna image from Hello Giggle; Lemon Poppy Seed Cake photos by Julie Marie for Always with Butter]  

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