Reader Appreciation Day (no. 4)

/ Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Reader Appreciation Day! Each week the person(s) who leave the most comments on the blog will get a special shout-out. I love reading your notes. Keep 'em coming!

This week the brilliant blogger-slash–registered dietitian Carlene, of Carlene's Figments, commented on the packed-lunch flowchart (which was technically created as finger food generator by Mark Bittman but it works so well for lunch ideas, too)! Check out her post about the piece she worked on for Washingtonian: Carlene pits breakfast favorites against one another and explains which one is healthier for you. I'm way into the whole-wheat bagel with hummus for breakfast idea! Thanks for reading and commenting, Carlene! 

Look for a new Reader Appreciate Day next Friday. Whoever leaves the most comments gets a tip of the hat and unconditional love from moi :) Enjoy your Friday. Cheers!

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