Quick Poll: What's Your Birthday Cake Personality?

/ Friday, September 21, 2012

Morning lovelies! I'd like to know how you feel about birthday cake. I've been loving the simple look of rustic cakes like this Swedish chocolate cake from Top With Cinnamon (it's part flourless chocolate cake, part molten lava cake). Can you picture it topped with a cluster of birthday candles? It would have a sexy je ne sais quoi, like: "I was too busy being steamy and perfecting my Bardot-style eyeliner to bother with buttercream," right!?

On the other hand, it's no secret that I'm a frosting addict. Remember when I made 167 cups frosting at my desk to perfect this frosting color chart for the magazine? Classic birthday cake was my first celebratory dessert-love, it's hard to stray from that.

So what do you think? Are you a birthday cake minimalist or a classicist? Which would you rather slice into. Leave your pick as a comment! I'd love to know.

[Chocolate cake image from Top with Cinnamon; Cotton candy cake courtesy of Harrah's for Grub Street]


  1. I'm a frosting and layers kind of gal.. I LOVE that pink cake in the picture.. I could do that with some Rosé.. Ohh let me write that down so I remember for next year. : )

  2. Lemon poppy seed is my all-time favorite cake, and my first choice for birthday cake. However, it's still on my list to come up with a recipe that doesn't involve cake mix or jello pudding packets and still tastes as good as my mom's...

  3. Erika, pink layer cake and rose—yes please! Brilliant idea :) What a lovely way to celebrate.

  4. Robyn why haven't you told me this sooner!?!

    I will create a lovely lemon poppy seed cake recipe for you, sans cake or jello mix. Bonus, I'll have it ready for you by the birthday celebration next week. You're coming RIGHT!?

  5. Ooh, exciting! I will definitely be there. I also see a blind cake taste test (and perhaps blog post?!) in our future :)

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