Craft Time! DIY Crepe Paper Flower Crown, Ooo la la!

/ Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I set out to make my dearest friend a birthday crown for her special day after seeing this DIY Hawaiian leis post on 100 Layer Cake, an incredible party blog you should follow if you don't already obsess over their photos as I do. My plan: Make flowers out of crepe paper
streamers, attach them to floral wire and wrap 'em around an inexpensive plastic headband for an decked out girlie party hat. I love how it turned out, which it why I wore it around the house all morning until the birthday girl arrived :) You can scroll through 100 Layer Cake's how-to photos, here, or follow my lazy-girl instructions below. 

1. Cut 2 colors crepe paper streamers into 12-inch pieces. Line them up, staggering the pieces slightly. 

2. Fold the streamers like a fan, pinching the bottom with your thumb, until you reach the end of the pieces; trim any excess, if needed.

3. Bring the ends together and wrap the steamers into a cone-shape, as seen above. Secure by tying the base closed snuggly with thread or fishing wire.

4. Wrap floral wire around the base of each flower. Wrap the other end of the floral wire around a plastic headband and continue until you fill up the whole crown. 

Et voila! Here's the super beautiful birthday girl sporting her homemade flower crown, wine in-hand and blowing out her candles! I think I may make another one for myself, you know, to keep the hair away from my face while baking—thoughts? Too much?

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