Currently Drinking: Gorilla Brand Cold Brew Coffee

/ Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My friends and I argue about what the next big coffee trend will be but for now cold brew seems to be sticking.

 At home we make cold brew overnight in the French press but the fancy bottles of the pre-made stuff are handy (and rather cute)—look! I picked up a Tetra Pak of Gorilla Coffee's new packaged cold brew at Whole Foods last night. It's a little pricey at about $5 a container but you know you're supposed to ration it out right?  It's true! At least it is when you make cold brew in a French press: The flavor and caffeine are concentrated because of the longer extraction period (the beans are in contact with the water for, like, 10 hours instead of 5 minutes), so you're meant to dilute it. Technically, then, $5 gets you a few cups of Gorilla coffee, especially when you factor in ice, milk, etc. That's doable.

Anyway! It's tasty. Maybe a little toasty for my taste but really darn good. Plus, it feels like a special treat, so it's getting me through a morning of recipe editing and brain storming.

Have you guys tried and loved any other bottled cold brew brands?

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