Easter Weekend in Brooklyn

/ Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to all y'all who celebrate it! We had my parents over for brunch this morning, opened Easter baskets and walked them around sunny Brooklyn. What a gorgeous weekend for party prep. We hit up the farmers' market early enough to snag ramps...


And duck eggs from Lynnhaven Farm—they made quite the duck egg–sea bass hash Saturday morning. Tiny potatoes are my favorite!

We leisurely wrapped up the remaining errands throughout the afternoon.

Leaving me just enough time to dye eggs ombre green with lime Jello—I used them to make "fortune-cookie" Easter eggs for the table. Here are some highlights from Easter morning...

Yeast-raised waffles, rhubarb compote, vanilla seed yogurt.
Soft scrambled eggs, goat cheese, roasted asparagus.
Simple flowers for the table, baby's breath.
Color-coordinated parents!
Fortune-cookie Easter eggs.
Opening Easter baskets.
Bar tray.
Mom in her bright blue pants—so stylish!
The Easter Bunny knew just what I wanted!
Lemon-almond cake.


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  2. Thank you for a scrumptious brunch and a lovely afternoon.


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