Students Satiated with Fried Chicken

/ Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We don't eat as often as you'd think at the French Culinary Institute. We do have to taste our dishes as they cook and sometimes we're hungry enough to eat what's leftover after chef critiques it, but who really wants to eat room temperature poached eggs and hollandaise sauce? (Especially when you've been working on it for a few hours.)

But every once in a while chef surprises us with a little something to snack on. About a month ago it was a big bowl of fresh pasta with heirloom tomatoes and home-made mozzarella cheese from Level 2 . This past week he went Southern: biscuits, fried chicken and collard greens. Bless that man! My tower of a fried chicken sandwich put the Double Down to shame. And drizzled with honey and hot sauce...well bless my heart and call me a bell! There must be a little Southern in my somewhere.

Do you fry chicken at home? I never have enough oil to do it right!

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