Crumbs' Fashion Week Cupcake 2010: A True Fashion Don't

/ Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My hopes were high for this cupcake. On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Crumbs Bake Shop unveiled this year's signature "Fashion Week Cupcake" to hoards of hungry couture-a-holics in conjunction with Fashion's Night Out.

The big question is: How on earth does this cut it as THE cupcake of Fashion Week? The plain vanilla cake
is cloyingly sweet, topped with plain vanilla buttercream, far too many sprinkles, and filled with what tastes like plain chocolate pudding. The sugar cookie heart on top is nothing to waste your time chewing either. You'd think the creators of the Cosmo and Chocolate Sundae cupcakes would put a little more thought into a Fashion Week masterpiece. And so I will be taking matters into my own hands: the REAL Fashion Week cupcake will be revealed here on F&F by Friday, September 17th. The first person to post a comment about what their Fashion Week cupcake would taste like will win a set of "designer" cupcake liners.

Get fashion editor Carrie Goldberg's take on Crumbs' Fashion Week Cupcake, along with an behind-the-scenes scoop on the food in the F-W tents, right here tomorrow morning.

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  1. dark chocolate cake with chocolate espresso ganache center, topped with mocha buttercream & a dark chocolate covered espresso bean :)


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