Wurst Kucher: The BEST Sausage in LA

/ Monday, April 26, 2010

It seems vaguely perverse to title this post "The BEST Sausage in LA." But we must give credit where credit is due and Wurst Kucher is simply brilliant.
A restaurant dedicated to handmade sausage. Could you imagine? The case above is filled with the most inventive franks I've ever come across: Alligator, duck, chicken, pork, rabbit. It's heavenly. I often admit to friends that sausage is my favorite meat to cook during the week. It's a no brainer to cook and it's convenient because the spiced are already ground into the meat–no measuring necessary.

That being said, I was more than thrilled to have someone else prepare my sausage for a change, (mind out of the gutter folks) namely because I cannot have a charcoal grill in my NYC apartment. There is no better way to eat a sausage than grilled: The skin gets crisy and the grill marks add that smokey flavor...it's blissful. Cera went for the "Hot Italian" above. She has one of those at home too, so it was a perfect choice ;) And I...the duck sausage. Though Wurst Kucher is clearly a German spot, this sausage is French through-and-through. Quack-a-licious, baby!

To those who have yet to experience duck sausage, I say this to you: Duck confit and duck liver pate are two of the most decadent foods you will ever eat; this duck sausage is the third. That lush, buttery taste of duck still comes through, even though the meat is ground up. Topped with caramelized onions and some grainy mustard, it was absolutely the best sausage I've ever had.

To continue on with the French theme, I washed down my duck sausage with Sweet Blossom elder flower soda. Saint Germain is a French elder flower liquor that happens to be my all-time favorite item in the liquor cabinet. It has a sweet, floral taste that is very subtle and perfect drizzled into a glass of cool champagne. This soda is booze free but still captures the same flavor as Saint Germain–very light and very crisp. If you find it in the store please give it a chance.

No afternoon of French sausage is complete without some frites. These babies were double fried to crisp perfection. You can tell just from the color that they have just the right amount of crunch. And the flaked sea salt sprinkled on top was a welcomed addition. These french fries weren't just vehicles for enjoying the condiments, they were a well seasoned, well executed dish all on their own. Very few French fries can say that you know.

And so I left Wurst Kucher jealous, yet again, that LA has found and dominated another niche market.

Damn you and your beautiful sausage Los Angeles!

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