Honeymoon Island

/ Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yesterday the ladies took a trip to Honeymoon Island, just a hop, skip & a jump off the mainland of Tarpon Springs. There's another option, a beach called Caladesi Island, but there's a ferry involved and swarms of pelicans...and I am deathly afraid of pelicans. Honeymoon Island was the safer choice.

Enough about the beach. This is a food blog god dammit! Honeymoon Island is a great jaunt because of the snack bar. It's like the Shake Shack minus the shakes. The menu is highlighted with a burger list that would make any sunbather's mouth water. Veggie burgers, turkey burgers, burger burgers...you name it, they're fryin' it up! The snack bar caters to everyone's taste, from grilled cod platters to the crispiest chicken fingers on the shore. Pair that with a coconut ice pop or a icy Bud Light and you're set. A day in paradise...again. 

Don't be fooled by it's modest appearance, this snack hut has grub that keeps up with the eats of some cafes on the mainland. It's just what you'd expect to find at the beach, just a little bit better.

This was the second time I've been to Honeymoon Island and the second time I saw a wedding being set up on the sand. When I walked into the snack hut, I noticed that a small section of the store was transformed into a bridal boutique. Lodged between the hamburgers and sun-block was a tiny booth for brides to be to plan their weddings right in their bikinis! 

Honeymoon Island Productions has been growing in popularity with its beach front bridal services. Why wouldn't it? For a deluxe ceremony that only costs $725.00 for 25 guests, you could take the extra cash and go on a honeymoon far, far, away from Honeymoon Island, FL. 

A deluxe catering package, boasting a cocktail hour, fruit, dinner, cake & a complimentary suite at the Best Western Yacht Harbor Inn, comes to around $80 a head. No wonder why they're getting so much business. There were 5 weddings there just today! 

Personally smelling greasy fries and tanning oil during my nuptials has never been a dream of mine, but for some people I bet it's a dream come true! All things considering Honeymoon Island would be a great choice for a budget-friendly destination celebration. Just bring your sun block because this beach is balmy! 

I cannot wait to get home and get baking for y'all again...You can only get so much R&R, ya know? 

I miss you all. Enjoy!

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