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/ Monday, March 30, 2009

Is there anything more indulgent than brunch?  I think not. You might call me a brunch-aholic... All week I wait for a leisurely weekend meal with friends that fills your belly and swallows up the day. Sunday brunch has steadily become part of our weekend ritual since we've moved back from Paris. Although the location changes from week-to-week, the company remains a constant delight. This past Sunday was a quartet of afternoon dining: Amaya, Carrie, David & your's truly staked out of table at Cafe Orlin.

The fact that there was an actual
waiting list at Cafe Orlin only goes to show how this East Village gem is growing in popularity, especially for weekend diners. I've never had to wait before! I've been eating at Cafe Orlin since my uncle lived on Saint Marks place starting back in the 90's. Over the past few years it has become my cafeteria & home-away-from-home. It's my go-to date spot, as well as my favorite place to do homework, write plays or just people watch. PS. There's free Wifi :)

Although you can find me at Cafe Orlin at all different hours of the day, their breakfast-brunch is my favorite meal by far. In fact, I had it twice this weekend!

41 Saint Mark's Place. NYC.
East Village Cafe: Bistro, Middle Eastern, French
Entrees: $6-$17

  • Mint Ice Tea 
  • Americanos 
  • Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Yogurt 
  • Steak & Eggs 
  • Wood-smoked Salmon Salad 
  • Orlin Burger 
  • Sauteed Salmon with Saffron Sauce 
  • Lamb Sausage
  • Sangria 

One dish that I love is the Middle Easter breakfast (above). Carrie ordered this trio of AM eats this weekend. A cucumber salad is served with two poached eggs & hummus. Pita is included on the side so you can sop up the tasty medley. How easy would this be to make at home? You could even make a couscous salad if you need a little more starch in the mornings. Hmm...keep your eyes open for a Food & Femininity DIY middle eastern brunch. 

I ordered the portobella omelette with egg whites. This is the only cheese-less omelette on the menu, but what it lacks in cheesiness it definitely makes up for in flavor. The mushrooms are sauteed to bring out their natural richness, then topped with crispy shallots and fresh herbs. A green salad, rye toast and Cafe Orlin's TDF home-fries round out the plate. My suggest, ask for a side of jam for your toast. I'm not sure if it's homemade but it's totally fresh with a sprinkling of blackberry seeds.

D.Fell had the omelette special with goat cheese, tomato & avocado. David was the one who introduced us to the steak & eggs at Cafe Orlin actually. None of the girls were man enough to order such a carnivorous dish until David began to join our Sunday morning get togethers. Beginner's luck. Our waitress was completely entertained by DF's t-shirt. It took her a minute to realize that it didn't actually mean anything. You'll often find that the waitress at Cafe Orlin speak a plethora of different languages. At any given moment there could be three or four different languages heard around your table. How fantastic is that!

Fun Fact: They're open 24 hours on the weekend. You can order some sangria, hang out in the back room and savor the night until it's time for brunch! Crazy kids...

At the end of the meal I gave Amaya her birthday cupcakes! Some of them were destroyed on the way up from my apartment, but over all I think she fancied them. She's adorable. 

If you're looking for other places in the east village to grab some brunch, check out this discussion board on Chowhound. Enjoy!

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