Rainbow "Venetian" Cookies In Progress

/ Monday, January 5, 2009

Katherine and I have a problem. We love rainbow cookies but we've been far too intimidated to makes them. They're just too magical. Well, after a few experiences buying boxes of rainbow cookies from various bakeries only to be disappointed by bland-dry cake...we bit the bullet & vowed to make them ourselves. 

We began the process the last night following the recipe from Leite's Culanaria
We completed the baking & the laying. At the moment the cookies are being pressed beneath four gigantic cookbooks: McCall's, Gourmet, Julia Child and Martha.

It seems strange that such a dense batter can be lightened up with whipped egg whites. The folding takes a bit of time but the batter really transforms during that step. 

Enjoy! More to come.


  1. ok i have a secret... i love those rainbow cookies! those shitty ones you buy at jewish delis with the dark chocolate on 'em... surprisingly delicious!

  2. I started making these for the same reason - I love them and all the ones I bought were dry and flavorless. I also use the same recipe you're using. It IS a lot of work, but believe me, the effort is WORTH IT!


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