/ Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good morning! Another beautiful day in New York.  It's 8:30 am and I've already gone to the gym, showered, beautified, eaten and read my daily blogs! God I love being a morning person. 

I have all of these great treats and photos to share with you...but I left the cord that connects my camera to my laptop on Long Island. I'll be going home this weekend for the 4th so you can expect some more eye-candy then. 

I turned 20 years old on Sunday! It felt bizarre. Loads of great things happened though. First, my dear friend and roomie Rachel became engaged! The soon to be Mrs. Ift came bouncing out to Northport, future hubby by her side, to help me celebrate and show off her new finger bling! Second, Rachel was kind enough to cater to my strange whim and brought a pinata filled with office supplies. With one fatal whack a rainbow of crayons, multicolored pens, automatic pencils and paperclips came raining down from the paper mache bull. Talk about some fine loot. Also, as I'm always looking for an excuse to bake, I was able to craft four sugared treats without guilt! The birthday sweet menu was as follows...

Mexican Wedding Cookies 
Mexican Hot Chocolate Bites 
Tres Leche Cupcakes 
4 Layer Lemon-Berry Cake 

More to come...get your virtual taste-buds ready! 

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