AmsterBAM! Pancakes Kicked Up a Notch

/ Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sometimes the best adventures are overloaded with spontaneity...Welcome to Amsterdam. Last minute, my dear friend Carrie and I decided to book fare on the overnight bus from France to the Netherlands. Nine hours of pure torture. Regardless, our plans just slipped into place and with only a few days to prepare we found a hotel and were on our way...

Now I have plenty to share with you about Amsterdam but I'd like to start with a delectable icon. The Pancake Bakery was one of the only dining locals we researched before setting off. Their website was chocked full of menu items that made mouths water. It was cyber food sex. Who knew there were so many different kinds of pancakes! 

Within the first few hours of our arrival, we sought out the waterside bakery. A line out the door suggested that we weren't the only ones who had heard of their expertise. It took quite a while to be seated,
but the wait was well worth it. Having ample time in the front entrance to survey the menu, we immediately ordered two pancakes to split:

Apple & Bacon
Banana & Nutella

We waited patiently. For quite some time we were fascinated with the pancake condiments resting on our table. Of course all of them were in Dutch, the MOST confusing language to ever be created. Everything looks like Vondenhoganfleegerdorfenknod. Our taste-buds broke down the language barrier: Blueberry Syrup, Maple Syrup, Butterscotch Syrup, Molassas and Powered Sugar. You can see them in the photograph of Carrie and I. There we are, awaiting our pancakes! The tiny bucket in the background is the molassas. 
Finally, our pancakes arrive. Did they know that we were from America, or are their pancakes always that huge? They were Big-Kid pancakes, Super-Size-Me pancakes, Roll-Me-Home-I've-Had-Enough pancakes. But boy were they tasty...


Do not be fooled by their humble appearance, these babies were finger lickin' yummy. The pancake on the left is clearly the Apple & Bacon delight. The marriage between the sweet apples, the salty bacon and the fluffy pancake was addictive. Top it off with syrup this breakfast is the antidote for any pain! It's golden sibling, the Banana &  Nutella flapjack was luscious as well. Tiny pots of Nutella were placed on top of the warm cake so that you could dress it yourself. I'm a sucker for interactive foods. I suppose this version was reminiscent of our Banana and Nutella crepes in Paris, only much more rustic. We ate until our hearts and stomachs were content. Bite by bite, all stress from our vexing voyage par autobus dissolved...

Most tourists take pictures of tulips or questionable escorts while in Amsterdam. I photographed the menu. Their flavor combinations were so creative and seemed easy to replicate at home. I'd share it with you but the image is a bit blurry. Besides, if ever I made you pancakes I want them to be a surprise! 


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