Summery Sweets: Chocolate Lover's Mocha Ice Cream Bombe–So Rich!

/ Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hello, hello! We're up to our necks in Christmas cookies this week in the test kitchen, so I haven't had much time for baking at home. I'm sorry! I really wish I had something big and frosted and sparkly to post for you today. I will share, however, my new (super-rich) Mocha Ice Cream Bombe. I developed the recipe for a Refinery29 post last week and I'm still dreaming about it. You can't tell from the outside but there are 2 layers of chocolatey goodness inside of this molded ice cream cake: 1 small layer of mocha ice cream covered by a larger layer of dark chocolate ice cream. It takes a little patience and a lot of freeze to perfect this but the result is so striking—it's worth it, trust me! Mine got a little melty. Hopefully you can still see the nested-effect below. 
As I mentioned in the Refinery29 post, you can swap out coffee ice cream for more chocolate if you'd like—or maybe strawberry ice cream if you'd like to go in a Chocolate-Covered-Strawberry-Cake direction. Here's the Mocha Ice Cream Bombe recipe! I really hope you enjoy it xo Erin

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