The Best Tortilla Bowl Ever! You Can Make It At Home.

/ Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fact: Things taste better in edible bows—soup in a bread-bowl, ice cream in a chocolate-bowl and the like. I learned how to make baked tortilla bowls while working at Food Network Magazine (we ran a light version of Moe's Southwest's famous steak taco salad recipe) and now it's one of my favorite ways to snazz up salad at home. Here's what you do...
I like to fill our homemade tortilla bowls with brown rice, faux refried beans (black beans I smash up with beef stock, garlic and bay leaf), salad, homemade salsa, sliced avocado and spicy grilled chicken but you can fill 'em up with anything, really. What's your go-to salad combination? Hope this is helpful! 

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