Modern Gift Packaging: Wax Paper and Glitter Tape

/ Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I just can't bring myself to wrap baked goods in cellophane anymore. I'm not the person who usually says, "it looks cheap," but it does, right? It's always gathered in an awkward spiky stem and the slick sheen does nothing for the treats it surrounds. I'm calling it. It's time for an update...

I've been searching for a proper replacement—something that's inexpensive, transparent and easily kept around the house—and wax paper is definitely it. Trust me. There are so many ways to use it: cut out squares and use it like wrapping paper, as seen below, make your own bags, envelopes, tags, and I love how the waxiness of the paper just barely hides the tiny treats you cover in it. Subtly sexy, don't you think? There's another wax paper–wrapping trick that I can't wait to show you this weekend. 

It's easy to embellish wax paper wrapping with a little glitter tape, just make sure you keep the paper shiny-side down so the tape will stick. I found this mega pack of American Crafts glitter tape on Amazon and I'm completely obsessed with it, so I'm warning you now: there will be plenty of glitter tape crafts in our future. Are you excited!? Because I am :) Any-whoo, what do you think about the wax paper–glitter tape update on cellophane wrapping? Think you'll give it a try? Let me know!I'd love your feedback xoxo

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  1. like the gift packaging idea..look same like a gift card in Gift Card envelopes..thanks you share it.


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